I attended a magic convention this past weekend.  I've been attending this convention with my best friend since 1994.  During those years I've seen a lot of tremendous magic.  But this year I witness something beyond magic.  Mahdi Gilbert is a young man from Canada. Yes, he is a magician but his ability transcends magic to true inspiration.  Mahdi has significant physical challenges.  He was born with severe birth defects, including not having any hands.

Mahdi performed for 500 magicians last weekend and received a standing ovation not only for the magic he performed but also for his courage and determination. He performed card magic that is difficult to do with two hands!  Here is a video of Mahdi performing card magic for some fellow magicians: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sS2cLkICZ4

Mahdi's "can do" attitude is real magic!