Here are the last few suggestions to hiring a great entertainer for your event:

6) What do you charge? This is a pretty obvious one. It may be the first thing you ask a prospective
entertainer. Be certain to find out if that is the total fee! Some entertainers charge mileage, hotel
room, meals and more which is fine, just so long as you know about it in advance and are prepared for
it. Nothing will make your accounting department angrier than getting a bill for an expense account
they knew nothing about and you unknowingly signed-off on.  **Additional tip ** - Many entertainers offer discounts for local events, multiple bookings, non-profit groups, package deals, etc. It never hurts to ask! You may save your organization some money and end up getting more service in the form of a package deal.

7) Do you have any package specials? Most professional entertainers will offer different entertainment
packages. Every event is very different and this gives you a chance to match the entertainment to best
suit your needs. Whether it be mingling entertainment during the “opening” hour, special gifts from
the performer for the attendees, or whatever; ask your entertainer what they can package together to
make your event EXTRA special!

8) Hiring an entertainer on price alone. OK, this may not be a question for you to necessarily ask, but it is
a MAJOR tip for you in your planning. Every event has a budget. You need to stay within it and meet
your needs. But, hiring an entertainer based solely on them being the lowest priced can lead to a
disaster. There is an old adage that is very true in this situation and that is, “You get what you pay
for!” Sure, some may be over-priced, some under-priced, but it should NOT be your only
consideration. If you ask the questions contained here, you should be able to judge whether it is a fair
price or not.

9) Do you offer any guarantee? If a performer presents a quality presentation and has enough experience,
they should absolutely guarantee their services. Why wouldn’t they? As with any product, the
producer should stand behind it! Ask them what they guarantee!

I hope these suggestions were helpful.  Please contact me if you have any questions.