Here are some basic but important tips to consider when hiring an entertainer for a corporate or private party:

1) Begin with someone you have already seen or someone that has been recommended to you. This is
your number one resource by far! If you haven’t personally seen an entertainer that meets your needs,
ask your friends, colleagues and family. It is much better to get someone you can trust right from the
2) Ask for references and call them! If the performer wasn’t personally recommended to you, by all
means do your research! Ask them for references. If they can’t provide you with some or have some
excuse to why they can’t give out names or something ridiculous like that, DO NOT engage this
3) The next step beyond references is experience. Think of yourself as a Human Resource Director.
After all, you are considering hiring this person, even if for a short time. Where have they performed
before? What awards or accolades have they received? Are they a beginner or a seasoned

More to follow........