Have you ever attended an event where everyone stands around and doesn't interact? Well, here a few ideas that will help break the ice at the next event you plan....

  1. M & M Fun: pass around a large bowl of M & M's and ask everyone to take as many as they want but not to eat them yet. Once everyone has their M & M's, inform them that for every candy they took, they have to tell the group something about themselves.  The more M & M's a guest takes, the more fun.
  2. The Lineup: ask your guests to line up according to a certain criteria. Here are some examples, shoe size, birthday, number of books they read a year, how much they would have to be paid to eat a live worm, etc.
  3. Straight Face Liar: each person receives a blank index card and is asked to write three statements about themselves - one true and two false. Each person reads their statements out loud and the other guests try to guess which statement is true.  The object is to fool the other guests with their statements.