Lip prints come in many sizes and shapes. Take a moment and create your lip print on a piece of paper. Is your lip print round or oval or  is it shaped like a diamond, triangle, or rectangle? Therse are the most common lip print shapes.

The round or oval shape is the harmony lip print.  These people like everyone to get along.  They don't care for conflict or confrontation and are known for giving others a pat on the back for doing a good job.

The diamond shape print indicates a successful person (at home or work).  These people make good mentors and enjoy giving back to the community.

Triangle shaped lip prints belong to someone that is a "pointer".  These individuals point others in the direction that will assist them in achieving their dreams and goals.  Pointers work behind the scenes.  Examples include teachers, coaches, counselors etc.

Lastly, the rectangular lip print is a godmother/godfather lip print. These people are well grounded in their beliefs and others come to them for guidance, direction, and clarity.

Combining the shape of a person's lip print with the size, intensity, fullness, as well as the corners and special traits will create a memorable and surprisingly accurate description of an individual.