As Ray Charles put it, Georgia on my mind.  Florida too.  The American road is calling my name and I’m answering its siren-like call.  I’m leaving tomorrow and will be gone for a week, running seminars for therapists.  I’ve been a physical therapist for more than 30 years.  I travel nationwide on a month by month basis to present one day seminars to therapists on Geriatric Rehab.   

I’ve also been an entertainer for more than 20 years.  Initially, I was a magician, but over the past four to five years I’ve been concentrating on adult entertainment.  The only family type show I perform now is my Professor Marvel’s Amazing Flea Circus.  I’ve been doing that show for 9 years.  Here is a link to a video of a recent show I’ve done.  I also have an after dinner act, the Thought Reader.  It is a mind reading show.  I guess you can say that I do it all.  However, my passion is lip prints.

Lip month is approaching and by that, I mean February.  Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it.  All month long, love and loneliness will fill hearts and minds from sea to shining sea.  You must ask yourself, what do you know about your lips?  What do they say about you?  February should be the month that you finally unearth the secrets of your lips.  And believe me, they have secrets to tell.

I’ve been doing lip print readings for 2 years.  I learned from Jilly Eddy in Seattle, the home of grunge, but not the home of grungy lips.  Jill took over 20 years to collect 10,000 lip prints and categorized them all.  There are 25 categories and over 100 subcategories of lip prints.  Jill's quest, in a way, was Herculean.  Collecting all those lip prints?  She's an archaeologist, digging up lip secrets.  Did you know that there are only 6 certified lipsologists in the country?

Don't let the love month sneak up on you.  Put on your Indiana Jones cap and consider going on a lip adventure!  See you soon!