How many weddings have you attended that during the cocktail hour there isn’t anything to do except drink? There is a growing trend to provide interactive entertainment during wedding cocktail hours. Type of entertainment is a great ice breaker and gets people socializing.  Of course there is the standard type of entertainment that everyone has seen before, namely magicians and caricature artists.  That is fun entertainment but the emphasis is on the performer and not the guest.

Lip print reading is all about the guest and not the performer.  It can be performed for individuals, couples or small groups of guests.  What can a lip print reading reveal about a person? In a few minutes, a lip print can identify whether the person is a good listener, is detailed oriented, doesn’t like change, is not a cheap date, stubborn, open minded, takes a long time to make a decision, or what they worry about. 

If you wonder how accurate lip print reading is, email me your lip print and I’ll send you your lip print reading for FREE!.  No obligations……….just give it a try.