With Valentine’s Day approaching, why not analyze your date’s lip print to glean some insights into their personality? Lip prints can reveal a great deal about a person, such as their work ethic, stress and energy levels, food preferences, social interaction skills, and creativity.

With the Missouri lip print there isn’t any space between the upper and lower lip prints.  These people can be stubborn and extremely cautious. If the upper lip print is markedly thinner than the lower lip print, this person can be “picky” and may drive others crazy with their perfectionist tendencies.  Individuals that can become easily bored, and prefer to participate in multiple activities, often have lip prints with corners that don’t meet at each side, creating an opening. Lastly, if the lower lip print has a V-shaped indentation in the middle inner edge, it is safe to assume that this person is not a cheap date. They tend to have champagne and caviar tastes.