How many of your fondest memories and proudest triumphs are centered on the lips – either yours or someone else’s?  I was recently speaking to a writer friend of mine who told me he vividly remembers every girl he has ever kissed.  Not every time, mind you, but the first time.  No matter the context, he told me, it was always magical.  With one girl in particular, he remembered the way the dim bar lighting seemed to illuminate her lips while she was throwing darts.  I just can’t shake it, he said, as he sipped his coffee. 


This got me thinking.  Do we take lips for granted?  Sure, we all like to kiss, but we tend to forget the monumental importance that lips have had in our lives, how they have shaped us – the triumphs, the defeats, the growing up, etc.  The overall sentiment seems to be the following: they’re just there, on someone’s face, a mere gateway to something else.  How wrong they are.  We must stop and reflect on lips, ponder on what our lip prints mean.


As Shakespeare put it in Sonnet 145, “Those lips that Love’s own hand did make / Breathed forth the sound that said “I hate” / To me that languished for her sake; / But when she saw my woeful state, / Straight in her heart did mercy come.” What hand makes your lips?  Is it a merciful hand?  Lips have personality too and they have a lot to say about you.


Lipsology is the practice of analyzing the shape and contours of a person’s lips in order to better understand that person’s personality.  Lip print readings are a great form of entertainment and can be quite educational.  In other words, they are perfect for parties.  Keep your lips planted on this blog for stories and pictures of holiday parties I performed at in December, specific tips on what to look for in a lip print, and plans for Valentine’s Day!